Lover. Fighter. Matador. Just some of the words that haven’t been used to describe me recently. I’m a 35 year old Brit who writes about life, faith, comic books, history and any other randomness that springs to mind. Enjoy the blog. Leave comments!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. cathemey

    My name is Catherine, I’ve been reading your blog, I like it’s presentation and layout and the way you write about comics and life, interesting articles there.
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    Let me know if you are interested and what you think.
    Kind regards,

  2. hmunro

    Hello, Matthew!

    Because you’re one of my favorite bloggers I’m very pleased to award you the Versatile Blogger Award.

    I’m not sure what the award means, exactly, but it seemed like a fitting way to recognize folks like you who make the Internet a better place.

    To learn more, visit me at http://hmunro.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/the-versatile-blogger-award/ (There’s no need to follow the instructions for “claiming” your award, though; the honor is yours regardless.)

    Thanks for your online friendship, and keep up the great writing.


    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Thank you! I’ve just left a note of thanks over at your blog, but I just wanted to say I will be doing a follow-up ost, just need to get myself organised!

  3. Howlin' Mad Heather

    Hey there, Matthew! Wanted to let you know that The Doctor will be going up against Severus Snape in the Hunger Games semis next week. Feel free to write a bit on why you think he would win. Best of luck to you!


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