Comic Books

Some posts on comic books…

We Can Be Heroes: DC Comics and their new charity

Aquaman #1 – #4: A Sort Of Review

Christmas and Starman #27

Run That Hammer Down: A sort-of review of Action Comics #4

Truth, Justice and the American Way: How Superman has been reinvented for an age of protest

Frank Miller on the Occupy Movement

Is Superman Part of the 99%?

Toronto Superman Stories

Superman vs the Ku Klux Klan (for real!)

One of us! Comics, Fandom and Elvis

Ch-ch-changes: Why does the internet break every time comics try something new?

More Than Meets The Eye: My love of Transformers

I’m Not At Comic-Con

Whatever happened to the heroes? What’s wrong with Superman saving a kitten?

Detective Chimp and the importance of random creativity

Batgirl, Oracle and Change in Comic Books

Random Acts of Nerdrage: How I became a stereotype

Diversity in Comics

Tribute to a Comic Shop

Icn Bin Ein American – Superman and Obama’s Birth Certificate

Some Thoughts on Superman

Dwayne McDuffie

Kapow ComicCon: Day 1

Kapow ComicCon: Day 2

Kapow ComicCon: Photos

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