New Comic Book: Signs and Voices


Signs and Voices is a new comic book produced by the Deaf Power Publishing House. Featuring a team of deaf heroes, the comic makes use of Sign Language (which, despite being fundamentally visual, isn’t something you see a lot of in comics) and is set within the Deaf community. There’s an interview with one of the creators over at Bleeding Cool.

I haven’t had chance to read Signs and Voices yet, but I’ll admit to having a vested interest in its success: I’ve loved comics for years, and my stepson is Deaf. I have no idea if he’ll ever be into comic books, but it’s good to know that, if he ever is, he can read about heroes who use BSL.

Add to this the fact that comics are inherently conservative and characters tend to default to being white, male, western and able-bodied and there are issues around just how representative comics are. I don’t think that’s malice – just sadly reflective of prejudices from a time when the industry was really big – but it’s nice when characters break that mould. It’s also good to see more diverse voices involved in comic production.

So check out Signs and Voices, see what you think – it is new comic day…

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