An Apology and an Announcement

I’d just like to apologise for not updating the blog recently. However, I have a good reason for this – look what I did on Saturday:


They say that getting married and moving house are two of the most stressful things you can ever do – my wife Helen and I have done both of those in the space of three weeks, and it’s fair to say that it would have been impossible without the love, support, time, effort and resources of our friends and families.

We had a lot of help, to the extent that the wedding was almost crowd sourced from among the people we know – flowers, catering, photography and logistics were all provided by friends who used their talents and professionalism to make our wedding day something very special.

And to Helen, I just want to say thank you for becoming my wife. I love you so much and I know we’ll be happy together in the years to come. I love you.

And to readers I haven’t just married, there will be forthcoming posts on my explorations of my new home town, further Geocaching adventures and musings on The Princess Bride. See you there!


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