Curse You, Nerds, And Your Organisational Skills

Well, there go my Comic Con dreams, spiraling the toilet bowl of destiny.

Sure, it was a longshot. We initially missed out on tickets because they were sold out in something like an hour. That was enough of a shock; it was easier to get U2 tickets frankly, and that was tricky enough a few years ago. I’d blame the Twilight fans, but we had a Twilight fan on our team and we still didn’t get tickets, so we can’t blame Stephenie Meyer for that one.

So today was our second chance – presumably a good chunk of those tickets that went a month ago were returned for reasons that I’m sure don’t include the words ‘opportunistic’ and ‘nerf-herders’. We were organised. We were prepared. We were ready.

We didn’t even get close to the website.

Sold out in twenty minutes.

And so I’m not going to San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, I can live with that, I’m not climbing up on the roof or anything. But it is disappointing. I’d make a serious point about how geek culture has finally become mainstream, but I don’t really have a problem with that either. Geek culture always used to be mainstream, back when comic books sold in their millions and Elvis based his look on a superhero.

I’d’ve just liked to have gone to Comic Con.



One thought on “Curse You, Nerds, And Your Organisational Skills

  1. grantimusmax

    That’s a shame. Always wanted to go, but the sheer volume of people in front of me always gets in the way, like you said. Also, I am not nearly organized enough to get on that ball. Perhaps next year then…


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