New Doctor Who Companion Announced!

And so the new Doctor Who companion is Jenna-Louise Coleman, formerly of Emmerdale. Seems like a good choice, although I’m not familiar with her work – I recognise her because my mom’s a fan of the soaps, but that’s about it. However, Steven Moffat and the gang cast Matt Smith, who I think is fantastic, so I’m going to trust them.

I’m a little worried about the reduced number of episodes over the next couple of years – 6 this year, 8 in 2013 – mainly because next year is Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary. There are very few shows that reach this landmark, and while I trust the production team, well… I guess I just wanted more episodes next year, not less than 2011.

But I know what’ll happen. I’ll get pessimistic, and they’ll announce they’re making an epic 90 minute special featuring all the surviving Doctors. And I’ll come here and geek out, because that would be awesome.

That said, you know what else would be awesome? Something completely unexpected. And I’m not ruling that out from the spoiler-phobic, plotting genius that is Steven Moffat…



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