Some Uninformed, Unscientific and Ever So Slightly Belated Predictions For 2012

A disclaimer: I am not a soothsayer, futurist, prophet or a deductive genius. This may surprise regular readers of this blog but I can be but honest. The eventual accuracy (or otherwise) of these predictions will not be the result of supernatural powers. Instead they will be the result of me being very, very clever:

2012 will be a year of transition
2011 was the year that the world was bitten by a radioactive spider; 2012 is when it makes a costume and decides whether to fight crime or rob banks. 2013 will be when we start to see what a changed world looks like.

Facebook does a Myspace
A combination of ubiquity breeding boredom and concerns over privacy results in FB starting to fizzle out. It’ll still be around, but other forms of social networking will steal its thunder.

Another economic meltdown
Total no-brainer – the system is broken, only held together by magic beans and sociopathy. Something’s gonna give.

The Avengers breaks box office records
But The Dark Knight Rises is the better film.

Political turmoil in the US
Obama will hold on to power, but his involvement in things like NDAA and the right-wing devolving into lots of crazy people with guns means that a new, unexpected force arises in US politics. This may or may not be a good thing.

The mother of all internet poopstorms
SOPA or Anonymous or something else entirely leads to the Internet being shaken to its core and battlelines being drawn. This one will be won by the Digital Natives, but it’ll have nasty political consequences.

More protests with serious consequences
I pray I’m wrong about this, but I think there will be deaths arising from the police treatment of protesters in a Western nation. It’ll be dressed up in political rhetoric too. I hesitated to include this one, but maybe if enough people raise the spectre, increased awareness will prevent it from happening.

Scientific squinkiness
The Large Hadron Collider discovers something really weird.

A new British sporting hero emerges from the Olympics
Probably another no-brainer but that’s all my sporting knowledge will commit to.

The world won’t blow up in December
In your face, Mayans!


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