Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Happy Bill of Rights Day, America! Today marks the 220th anniversary of the ratification of one of the foundational documents of the United States.

Which is why US politicians need to get up off their hypocritical backsides and start defending the rights and freedoms they’re so keen to tell us about, rather than doing everything in their power to erode them. The last few months, with the reaction to the Occupy movement and developments with the National Defense Authorization Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act, are exposing US government blindness, to the extent that it’s now being used to justify violence in other countries. This has to end, for the sake of your citizens and for the rest of the world in general. The US was a superpower; now it’s starting to act like a decaying empire, and it can either wallow in its own collapse as partisan fools fiddle and gloat while being funded by callous billionaires in ivory towers, or it can rediscover what made it great in the first place and begin a process of restoration that will honour the words inscribed within that big statute in New York. I’m a fan of America; I hope it chooses the latter.

And I should add that I feel exactly the same way about my own country. It’d be nice if we had a Bill of Rights Day to draw attention to what we’re losing as well.



One thought on “Happy Bill of Rights Day!

  1. liz

    “…or it can rediscover what made it great in the first place and begin a process of restoration that will honour the words inscribed within that big statute in New York. I’m a fan of America; I hope it chooses the latter.”

    I agree. I feel like, at what point will life be about preservation and not about capitalizing on a “decaying empire”…. People have worked so hard to get “us” this far, and I don’t feel like we are progressing as one anymore.. I feel like it’s some greedy race to the top…. Not really sure what the “top” is, maybe the “1%” knows more than us struggling “99%’ers”.

    I find it rather ironic that over the course of the last decade or so America has played a role in exposing all these corrupt dictators and helping other countries come together and find the courage to speak up against corrupt systems and now that the tables have turned the US Gov. isn’t really acknowledging it. As if the US was/is exempt? As if our “shit doesn’t stink”… Maybe they thought we have enough money to keep it under wraps.. Maybe they thought with each million dollar Missile and new Trump Tower thy could hide the Occupy camps and millions of Americans on welfare and unemployed….

    I do love this country, but I do not support its backbone…. What is the backbone? Is it corporate greed and shady politicians, or is it the Dad, returning home from Iraq to a wife and kid struggling to adapt to society…. or is it the single Mom trying to take care of a family, go to school, and hoping her retirement fund will even be there in 30 years so she can relax after years of unethical struggle?

    Idk why I’m ranting on your blog, lol. A lot of people my age (22), and race (1/2African American, 1/2Native American), don’t give two shits about what’s going on. As a single Mom, a self employed Music Entertainment Manager and Publicist, living on Capitol Hill with my family… I know this country isn’t operating for people like me…. and it scares me to know my son (2) may grow up under Martial Law… That it may become custom to see Military raid someones home and arrest someone… That the 9 o clock news will look like CNN coverage of Egypt or Libya….

    Sad times we live in. I hope people continue to shed light on what’s really happening in our country. We are not our politics and political leaders… We are not bank bailouts and corporate greed.. The Occupy Movement is not a hypothetical movement, but real people, with real problems, with real debts, with real foreclosed homes, with real children and they/we are in need of change.


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