If Paypal Is Visited By Three Ghosts…

…Then don’t be surprised. Apparently either bureaucratic red tape or incredibly bad customer service has led to them freezing assets that should have been going to needy children this Christmas. Needless to say the internet isn’t impressed.

(That link contains swearing, but under the circumstances, I think I’d be spewing some spectacular invective too. Although apparently it’s still okay to help sick cats this festive season, so that’s nice.)

Still, I guess Paypal’s staff are just following orders. If only they were as generous as the subject of another of today’s posts, Santa Claus Smith

PS. Oh, and now Neil Gaiman has linked to Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin’s account of how Paypal randomly locked his account after putting him on a list of suspicious characters. Not been a good PR day for Paypal!


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