Back In The Day… 6 December 2011

Introducing a new series of micro-posts based around an “On This Day In History” theme. It will mainly be stuff that wouldn’t make a full post, or that links to old entries, or that I just find interesting.

For instance, on December 6 1897, London became the first city to licence taxi cabs. This reminded me of my most memorable cab journey, back when I was in San Francisco. We got a cab to the airport and, frankly, the driver was insane. He looked how you’d expect a cabbie in San Francisco to look – long grey hair, vaguely hippy-ish – and he drove maniacally, swerving around a three or four lane freeway as if all other cars were merely conceptual entities and thus couldn’t kill us if we drove into the side/back/front/roof of them. He operated a clever system of indicating the opposite direction to that he intended to move, and when other drivers hit their horns and, you know, swore at us, he just blinked his hazard warning lights with Zen-like calm. It would have been beautiful in its Darwinian elegance if it weren’t for the fact I was in the passenger seat and therefore had a close-up view of everything we were about to hit. He also told us that, although he was married, his wife was a hippo and therefore he had a mistress. I don’t think his wife was really a hippo, I just think she nagged him a lot to reconsider his vocation, what with the whole driving thing being a bit of a kamikaze mission. If anyone else has experienced driving with this guy, please let me know…

Also, happy birthday to Peter Buck, REM guitarist. Here’s a link to the post I wrote in tribute to the band



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