Script Idea Free To A Good Home…

Back in September I posted about the weird dreams I have. Well, last night I had another one, one that could form the basis of a sci-fi movie or TV show or comic or whatever. Any budding writers out there can have it for free, just name one of the characters after me…

The scene – Houses of Parliament on the day the aliens show up. Everyone’s panicking – after all, the people expect a response from their leaders when the aliens turn up. However, after we see the Prime Minister marching towards a meeting room, we cut to the people making the coffee and sandwiches (because this is going to be a long, stressful meeting, and the great and the good need their coffee and sandwiches). So it’s an alien encounter movie (from the dream, I didn’t get the impression we were being invaded as such) told from the point of view of the caterers and cleaners. I’m no screenwriter, so if you can do something with this idea, then fine, take it. All I ask is that one of the teaboys is named after me.

Now, I appreciate this may not sound the most exciting story of all time, but all I can say is, at 7:00am this morning, when I should have been thinking about getting into the shower, it was awesome and epic.

Especially when one of the caterers dropped a plate of sandwiches.


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