St. Paul’s and the Protests – Follow Up Post

A few days ago, like a gazillion other bloggers, I wrote a post about the Occupy London protests and the increasingly complicated relationship they have with St. Paul’s Cathedral. Almost overnight the church’s links with the Establishment have been thrown into relief – Cathedral staff have resigned (Giles Fraser, Fraser Dyer, Graham Knowles), legal proceedings have started and, most damningly, it appears that the St. Paul’s Institute has suppressed a report into the morality of bankers in order to avoid giving the impression it supported the protestors. All of this is against the backdrop of an International Labour Organisation report that claims we’re on the verge of an even deeper jobs recession at the same time that a law firm holds a Halloween party where the costumes of choice mock people who’ve lost their homes.

I don’t have much more to add to my last post on the subject, but I will say this: Christians have to grasp the nettle on this subject. We’ve tried to have it both ways for too long – we want to be a part of the Establishment when it suits us, but we also want to stand against it sometimes and we can’t have it both ways. St. Paul’s seems to want to serve two masters here, but a pretty important Christian thinker once warned this isn’t possible. And this isn’t just an issue for St. Paul’s Cathedral – this is something that all of us who claim to be Christians have to think, pray and act upon, because the gap between rich and poor isn’t going away anytime soon…



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