International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011


Yarrr!!! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011!!!. This be the day that all them thar landlubbers get to splice their mainbraces and embrace their inner Blackbeard. Tis a pity it only comes once a year.

But wait, look at this news report – the Pirate Party won 8.5% of the vote in Berlin’s local elections yesterday. Suddenly pirates are becoming politically mainstream, even if they don’t have parrots or a hook fetish. It’s all Johnny Depp’s fault.

Anyway, I leave you with my favourite pirate joke:

Q: How much does it cost a pirate to get his ear pierced?

A: A buccaneer!

Thank you. Now go talk like a pirate!


2 thoughts on “International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Tee-hee! I should have seen that “A” coming from a mile away, but I didn’t, and it was delightful.

    Did you read my *nerd alert* post from a few days back, BTW? If I’d had more time, I would’ve linked to your kitten-rescue post. It might yet happen in comment, though!

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Lol, it’s a great joke!

      I saw your Nerd Alert post – fantastic story, and I finally got round to commenting on it! You’re teaching him well! Spider-Man’s not all bad though… 😉


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