Blogging My iPod: An exercise in futility

20110831-115749.jpgSo I’m suffering a case of blogger’s block again. Never fear – I have a plan! Thanks to my fancy new smartphone I’m carrying around a good chunk of my music collection, and therefore I can use the song titles as inspiration. Genius, right?! Let’s go!

Hits Shuffle.

JCB Song
So. JCBs. They’re big. Big and yellow. Big, yellow and noisy. Yes.

Crickets chirp, hits Shuffle again.

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
Okay. The sidewinder is a… Is it a missile? I think it’s a missile. Either that or a minor Transformer. Let me check… No, it’s a snake or a plane. Snake on a plane?

Hits Shuffle again, in an attempt to hide his ignorance

Birdhouse in your Soul
This is an awesome song. Possibly about the ineffable nature of the human soul. Or maybe a birdhouse.

Hits Shuffle, hoping for something easier.


Hits Shuffle without even trying.

The Rising
Okay, this would be great if it wasn’t the basis for a post on the 10th anniversary of September 11. Next!

Hits Shuffle. Repeatedly.

Anyway You Want It
Well, I’ve been singing for five minutes but I haven’t actually written anything. This ain’t getting my blig blogged.

Wait, blig blogged? What does that even mean?! Stupid typos typed on stupid elfen iphone keypads with stupid sausage fingers…

Tries to hit Shuffle, misses, tries again.

The Group Who Couldn’t Say
I’m sitting here, an uninspired, sausage-fingered, musically illiterate, failed blogger, and now my iPod thinks I’m in the mood for abstract. Great. Because what you really want on a Wednesday is an enigma.

Hits Shuffle for the last time. This has to be the moment of truth. Gimme some sugar baby!

Salty Dog
I give up.

Hits Kindle app; battery runs ou


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