More Good News in the Wake of the Riots

Another day, another outbreak of rioting. But as in yesterday’s post, good news still manages to find its way through:

The Sikh Community of Southall – There will come a point when certain people will use these riots to stir up racial tensions. When that happens, remember that hundreds of Sikh men (some of them with ceremonial swords!) were on the streets defending both their temple and their community.

Post-it Notes – in Peckham, a boarded up pound shop is now covered with Post-it notes, all of them explaining why residents love their community.

Wizards – There are no words.

Station Announcements – As quoted on Twitter (see link): “This is a country filled with courage. Everything will be alright. Have a nice evening.”

So, has anyone got any other good news stories from behind the riots?


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