This is the UK in 2011

This is the UK in 2011.

We riot on the streets of London, ostensibly to protest police brutally, but partly so we can loot HMV and nick some DVDs.

We hack the mobile phones of the families of murdered children.

We know this is wrong, but we still support Murdoch because the Sun has good football coverage and Sky has the rights to all the good American shows.

We go on holiday, even when the city we’re supposed to govern from erupts into violence.

We consider libraries expendable. We then moan that the workforce isn’t clever enough.

We have government, media and police colluding with each other to further their agendas, either through corruption or stupidity.

We then wonder why no-one respects authority any more.

We still think it’s a necessary evil to shoot or blow up people in another part of the UK.

We handed over the media to Murdoch, music to Cowell and our high streets to giant supermarket chains.

We then complain that they all suck.

We blame The Other for an alleged increase in crime.

We therefore support groups who hate The Other.

We then watch these groups commit crime, which should be ironic, but maybe it’s okay when white skinheads do it.

We know it must be 2011, because we’ve all got mobiles and Twitter, but we still act like it’s the darkest depths of the 80’s.

We used to make stuff, but then we realised it was easier to ship it all to places with less bothersome labour laws.

We don’t like jokes about foreigners or disabled people (unless they’re ‘ironic’, in which case they’re hilarious).

We want to make redundant those people who we once trusted to provide services that add value to our communities.

We then listen as millionaires brand this as a way of making poorer communities better.

We watch in horror as the Stock Markets fall.

We then embrace our inner materialist and say money is all that matters.

We’ve been ranked 33rd in Europe for home broadband speed, 6th in Europe for drug deaths and highest in Europe for teenage pregnancy.

We then moan about Europeans because apparently they don’t know what they’re talking about.

This is the UK in 2011.

We really need to look at ourselves.


5 thoughts on “This is the UK in 2011

  1. Stephen

    Ouch, Not just a physical ouch but a spiritual ouch. A cultural ouch. A societal scream.

    It’s weird, I think my latest entry might be the opposite of this. But you’re right. Something is genuinely WRONG at the moment, and we’re only just getting a glimpse at the heart of it. Things need to change. Things HAVE to change.

    Things WILL change.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Well, I’ve posted a couple of more postive entries so that balances things out. I think there’s truth in a negative view as well though. Sometimes it takes getting mad to start putting things right…

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      The treatment of libraries by politicians is one of the worst, but most under-reported, government scandals of modern times. It’s frightening…

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