I’m Not At Comic Con


San Diego Comic Con 2011 is in full swing. The biggest event in the geek calendar brings together guests from comics, film, TV and gaming, together with 9,274 people dressed as Stormtroopers.

I’m not there.

Going to SDCC is on my Bucket List, somewhere close to going into space (admittedly Comic Con is probably more achievable). The plan is to go next year, and all we have to do is negotiate the Byzantine ticket-buying process and we’ll be set. For this year, however, I remain in Dudley, assuredly not at Comic Con and dejectedly following all the news on Twitter.

I’ve been a sci-fi fan most of my life but up until earlier this year I’d never been to a convention (surprisingly, given the importance of cons in bringing fandom together). I think it’s because I can be something of a loner, or at least an introvert, and the idea of going to a convention has always made me a bit twitchy – I could never think of what I might say to the guests (beyond a lame “Canihaveyourautographpleasethankyou.”), let alone other con goers. What can I say, I find networking hard work.

Back in April I went to Kapow Comic Con in London (picture above) and I had a great time. However, I’m aware that Kapow is but a new-born compared to the Great Big Bad Daddy that is San Diego. So much so that we’ve put 18 months of planning into next year’s jaunt, although that’s barely covered initial budgeting and the knowledge that we’ve got to buy messenger bags and sharpies.

Still, tickets should be on sale very soon, and that means we’ve got to consider the really important things, namely:

What songs should be on the trip playlist?

I’ve got an initial list, all with a geeky connection but in no particular order, but I’m open to suggestions:

1. The Touch by Stan Bush
2. Ghostbusters theme (Ray Parker Junior; not the Hyde/Bridges/Shakeshaft megamix, which I may post on here one day…)
3. Kryptonite (Three Doors Down)
4. Paradise City (Guns ‘n’ Roses – it mentions Captain America)
5. Stop Talking About Comic Books Or I’ll Kill You (Ookla the Mok)
6. Hungry Like the Wolf (the Bruce Campbell version)
7. Common People (the William Shatner version)

I know some of these are obscure, but that’s the point of Comic Con – a gathering together of like-minded people who understand obscure, nerdy references. Four days later they’re back to reality and conversing with ‘normal’ people, but for four days, SDCC gives everyone the chance to get their geek on. It’s that feeling of community that makes fandom special, if a little dysfunctional.

So to everyone out there in San Diego, both attending Comic Con or serving underage Ewoks in a bar after the day’s festivities have ended, have a great time, and that you get all the swag and Stan Lee autographs you wanted.

See you next year!


2 thoughts on “I’m Not At Comic Con

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Despite missing the panels I hoped to attend this morning, I “stole” Ba.D.’s Big Bang Theory pass and had a blast at that. Tomorrow, it’s Robert Kirkman &/or Joss Whedon. (I’m really, really hoping for “&.”)

    There was a Superman panel I wanted to attend this afternoon, but it was an impossibility to coordinate. *siiiiigh*

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Sounds great! I saw some of the Big Bang highlights on Twitter and it looked great, but then it’s one of my favourite shows. Hope you get to see Kirkman AND Whedon!


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