#ComicsDidaGoodThing – A blog post inspired by a hashtag


Gail Simone is one of the nicest people working in comics today (which is strange because her Secret Six is messed up – fantastic but messed up). She’s also a great Twitterer, talking about sharks, bad SyFy movies and other random-but-funny subjects.

Anyway, today she launched a new Twitter hashtag, #ComicsDidAGoodThing, all about positive stories people have about their lives as comic fans. And honestly, it’s pretty moving – comics can be a truly life-affirming thing, not just because of the art and stories but also because of their characters, themes and community.

So this got me thinking – how have comics been a positive force in my life? Well, here are a few reasons:

* I met one of my best friends through the DC Comics message boards. We started posting around the same time and we just buddied up. This is probably the most valuable outcome from my life in comicss, so that comes first.

* Wandering around Toronto in a Superman t-shirt is awesome.

* Yesterday I went to see Green Lantern, and once it had finished a complete stranger asked me what I thought of it. We had a nice little chat about comics, then shook hands and went our separate ways. Moments like that remind me that comics are as much a community as they are a medium.

* I cry at the end of The Iron Giant. I don’t know why that’s a positive but it is.

* Comics indulge my creativity, and one day I might tell you about the epic DC vs Marvel story my friend and I came up with…

* Sitting in the cinema playing the Spot Stan Lee game. Comics are now woven into the fabric of many of my friendships, and that’s kinda awesome.

* I got to say thank you to the artist who drew one of the greatest, most moving Superman panels ever published. That meant more to me than I thought it would.

There are more, I guess, but it’s late and I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I should go to bed. But on the whole I’m glad these stories have been a part of my life; comics have been a hugely positive thing for me, and I guess they’re part of the reason I embrace my geekery. They’re a part of who I am and I don’t want forget that.



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