In Praise of the Mr. Men

Bless you, Google. Today’s Google Doodle is in honour of Roger Hargreaves, author of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, who would have been 76 today.

The Mr. Men represent probably the first stage of my journey into books, and so I’ve got fond memories of the characters (although I don’t remember much about the plots). Colourful, straight-forward and fun, and with lovely character design, the Mr. Men books (and the Little Miss spin-off series) are classics and it’s good to see they’re still in publication. I also remember my sister attending a fancy dress party in a box covered in red crepe paper; she went as Mr. Strong and it was an awesome costume.

So the Mr. Men helped teach me to read, and, thirty-plus years later, I’ve been reading their stories to my girlfriend’s youngest son. They’re still great books, still capable of making me laugh, and I hope they stick around for another generation to enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Hargreaves.


3 thoughts on “In Praise of the Mr. Men

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Mr. Hargreaves was also an essential part of my early love of books. When I saw Google done up in his honor, I smiled. I’ve got to find son of his books for my son!

    In the meantime, my son has a “Mr. Messy” onesie he’ll likely fit into once or twice more. I’ll let that onesie serve as my reminder! 🙂

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