Come with me if you want to li… Oh, wait #skynet

I suppose you’re expecting me to go along with Twitter and declare that today is Judgement Day, the apocalyptic nuclear holocaust unleashed by the artificial intelligence Skynet, as depicted in the Terminator universe. Well, I’m not. Because while the TV spin-off from the films (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) pegs today as the big day, Terminator 2 says it should have happened in August 1997, only the time travel shenanigans prevented that from ever happening! Anything happening after that doesn’t count, as I may have ranted about before.

And yes, I know the events of Terminator 2 don’t work within their own model of time travel, I don’t care, it’s all about determinism vs free will, hope vs mechanistic nihilism, programming vs emotion. So there.

All of which is to say, the only sequel Terminator 2 should ever have had is this one


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