The Creature That Ate The Titanic!

It’s been a week for vaguely bizarre headlines, what with China banning time travel TV shows and Dog the Bounty Hunter bailing out Nicholas Cage, but the most interesting, and certainly the most educational, comes via Warren Ellis, writer of Planetary (one of the best comic books of recent years and well worth checking out if you’re a comic fan who hasn’t done so already).

See, living in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet are micro-organisms called extremophiles, capable of surviving where other forms of life wouldn’t stand a chance, including the cold, high pressure depths of the ocean.

This would be fascinating enough – it’s not exactly alien life but it’s not really something most of us are familiar with – but there’s a particular colony of organisms that is using strange methods of communication to eat the Titanic!

I surely can’t be the only one thinking that this would have livened up the first 90 minutes of the Kate-n-Leo-fest enormously…


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