AT-AT for America Follow-up: Bad Juju

Sadly, it looks like the AT-AT for America project is on hold due to issues surrounding intellectual property rights. It’s a shame – like I said in my previous post, it may have been a crazy idea, but sometimes crazy ideas are what’s needed. Hopefully something can be worked out (Lucasfilm have traditionally been fairly supportive of fan projects, so I’d be surprised if they’re flat-out playing the Big Bad I Said No), and if not, well, think of it as another problem solving exercise. I hope something comes of this, and the Star Wars connection is only a part of that hope.

(Now, if I was Lucasfilm, which I’m not because I have a complete lack of business brain, I’d be looking to employ the organiser on a nominal wage, get them to build the AT-AT for me, then donate it to a museum of technology or a school of engineering or something. But then I’m sometimes hopelessly idealistic when it comes to geek projects…)


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