Obscura Day – 9 April 2011

One of my favourite websites is Atlas Obscura, dedicated to all manner of weird, eccentric or little known places around the world. Anyway, Saturday was Obscura Day, a day organised by the site to bring recognition to various sites; I was going to blog about it, but as you’ll have seen from previous entries, I’ve been otherwise engaged in geeking out and getting stuck in lifts. However, it got me thinking about whether I had any unusual places in my vicinity, with there really only being one contender. The Crooked House in Lower Gornal, Dudley, is a pub affected by subsidence caused by the local mining industry in the early 1800s; the end result of this is that one side of the building is four feet higher than the other. More of its history can be found at it’s official website, but it’s long been known locally as the place where marbles roll uphill…

Like I said, check out the website for more pictures, but as a taster, here’s one I took in honour both of Obscura Day and my local heritage…


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