Kapow Comic-Con: Day 2

  Well, yesterday was a fantastic day, apart from the hour I spent trapped in a lift, so I’m looking forward to today. Here’s the journal again:

??:?? – Wake up ready to enjoy another day at Kapow.

5:50 – What d’you mean, 5:50?! AM?!

7:00 – Wake up ready to enjoy another day at Kapow.

7:55 – Check out of my hotel. I take the stairs.

8:45 – “Wait for the green man! Wait for the green man!” I hear a woman cry. Unfortunately she’s talking about traffic lights.

8:50 – There’s something about security here that seems needlessly intimidating. Darkseid is!

9:20 – Queuing again, this time next to bins.

9:50 – And we’re in! Early this time…

9:55 – So early I can’t do my pre-emptive trawl of the back issues cos no-one’s set up yet.

10:10 – Queuing! This time for the Mark Millar panel – Special guest stars!

10:46 – In the panel and just realising that the guy who ran over my foot with his suitcase may have been one of the guests. I won’t say who.

10:50 – No, it’s okay, it was a photographer who ran over my foot. Phew.

10:54 – Gah, stop half-announcing things! Millar/Quitely, Millar/Gibbons, but no information! It was the same with the DC panel…

12:00 – I wish I had a cattle prod…

12:16 – Vintage Red Dwarf t-shirts always strike me as being a fandom so far and I’m not sure why. I think it may be a lack of timelessness…

12:20 – Okay, do I try to get into the movie premiere or do I get my favourite Superman comic signed? Or try to do both? I don’t know what to do…

12:21 – On the one hand, the premiere could be really cool, especially if it’s something I want to see. And it’ll be 100% geek audience.

12:24 – But it’s always better going to the cinema with people who matter to you, y’know? Friendship trumps 100% geekery.

12:28 – On the other hand, that issue of All Star Superman means something. It’s my favourite issue because of what it says about the character and about how we should relate to other people. Comics at the moment often feel like either OTT spectacle (which is fine, but…) or trademark placeholders for a potential movie. All Star Superman #10 doesn’t feel like that – it’s got soul, if that’s not too corny.

12:35 – So I guess the question becomes about what the central element of conventions is – the big publicity stuff, which is cool to talk about afterwards, or the interaction with the creators, which is quieter and more personal, but which gives you the chance to say thank you for a work that means something to you?

12:40 – If the premiere was the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who, hosted by Matt Smith and Steven Moffat, I’d be queuing there now. But that’s because I love Doctor Who.

12:41 – And every time I talk about loving Superman comics, I talk about All Star Superman #10 and The Hug On The Roodtop. And I guess it sounds weird that I feel like I should say thank you for that.

12:51 – I’ve just talked myself out of the premiere, haven’t I? And I feel a bit strange about that because I think it would have been cool. Just less important.

13:03 – Outside, in the civilian world, someone cosplaying as the Black Cat from Spider-Man is about to cause a car accident…

13:25 – Heart triumphs over spectacle – I’m in the Frank Quitely autograph queue.

15:13 – I now have a signed All Star Superman #10!

15:20 – Someone’s cosplaying as Superted. That was unexpected…

15:31 – Just seen a sign saying that the Mystery Movie was rated 18, which means it wasn’t one of the Big Three summer comic book movies. Still no idea what it could have been though…

16:00 – Lots of people congratulating Bane on winning the cosplay competition. That’s cool.

16:10 – Last queue of the weekend – the cloakroom.

16:20 – And so my first convention ends and it’s been great, apart from Doctor Who‘s conspicuous absence (it’s not comics but nor is Merlin and that was there) and getting stuck in a lift. Thanks to everyone who organised the event, hope 2012 can build on the success.

Finally, a big thank you to my friend Sudge, who bought my ticket but then couldn’t attend himself. Mate, you’d’ve loved it but don’t worry, we’ll get you into the comic industry some other way…


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