Kapow Comic-Con: Day One

For the next two days I will be in London attending my first comic convention, Kapow Comic Con. This is my journal…

8:10 – Where the heck is this place?

8:15 – My map’s broken.

8:20 – Haha! Found it! And sweet zombie Santa on a pogo stick, that’s a bit of a queue…

8:35 – Now actually in the queue after purchasing a Tesco sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast.

8:40 – First cosplayers! Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Harley Quinn. Harley has a giant mallet.

8:55 – Ted Kord Blue Beetle cosplayer! Respect!

9:10 – Okay, now we’re late. And also a bit cold.

9:17 – And we’re in!

9:18 – http://www.hireatardis.com. Awesome.

9:20 – And we’re in another queue…

9:22 – I should add some context: I’m queuing for the Jonathan Ross Fans v Pros Gameshow. And respect to the staff, they’re doing a good job.

9:25 – I think queuing is going to be a bit of a theme of this weekend. Note to my SDCC 2012 homies: make sure you’ve got comfy shoes.

9:26 – Actually, I was talking to a guy from Holland in the queue outside. “You queue well here,” he said, “This could be chaos, but… No problem.”

11:06 – Can’t believe I’ve just watched Jonathan Ross sitting next to Batmite.

11:07 – Also Bane on a mobile phone.

11:47 – New queue! This time for the DC Comics panel. This is my team, so I queue willingly and without complaint.

11:49 – My feet hurt.

11:57 – You know, I’m resigning myself to the idea that I’m not going to be able to get anything signed. None of the times are working out. Kinda disappointed really, especially as I’m taking a bit of a risk…

12:01 – No, I won’t say what that risk is. I don’t want to potentially affect the outcome on the quantum level.

12:03 – Maybe this is a convention dilemma: Risk something you’d like against something you’d love… or, conversely, something you’d hate.

12:19 – I’ve just seen the top of Paul Cornell’s head.

13:30 – Nice enough DC panel, but they’re keeping too much under wraps (for San Diego?)…

13:45 – Change of plan, I’m going to get my first edition of Doctor Who: Human Nature signed by Paul Cornell. It’s the best DW book of the lot, I’m going for it!

14:15 – Got my book signed! Made my day

14:20 – Okay, lunch.

14:25 – I think these guys on the front door may be ex-CIA. Not quite in keeping with the chilled out nerd vibe of the rest of the con.

15:07 – Okay, time to start queuing again, this time for the Mystery Panel. Hoping this pays off.

15:10 – I’ve got cravings. I really want a seat and an ice cream. I can’t see either.

15:13 – Also maybe a shower.

15:27 – If I hand in my mobile and camera when I go to the Marvel Movies panel later and I don’t get them back, does that mean Stan Lee owes me an iPhone?

15:29 – I don’t care if you’re dressed all eccentric and inappropriately for the weather conditions, if you’ve jumped this queue I’ll…

15:53 – It’s getting hot and claustrophobic. The queuing system is starting to collapse. This way lies anarchy!!!

16:02 – Okay, mystery panel. Noel Clarke (Mickey from Doctor Who and, I think, one of the writers from SFX magazine are up front. Don’t know what that points to – some kind of project launch? Is that really all that much of a surprise?

16:08 – Ahh, so Noel is the surprise. That’s okay, that’s cool. I thought he’d been confirmed as a guest anyway, so I’m not sure the ‘surprise’ element worked, but whatever.

16:50 – Good panel. Noel speaks sense.

17:29 – Anarchy! The queuing honour system is collapsing and I’m not going to see the Thor panel, despite technically being to early. That’s annoying, but respect to the people who’ve been queuing three hours, I guess…

17:30 – This also means I won’t get a iPhone out of Stan Lee..

18:00 – Wait, the Thor cast are going to be at the IGN games stand. Haha! Who needs the film clips?!

18:02 – Thor cast are gonna be late.

18:19 – Thor cast are gonna be later.

18:40 – Thor cast are gonna be later.

18:43 – Thor‘s costume designer is here. I can’t leave, it would be like betraying all the people who’ve been padding for 45 minutes…

18:45 – Thor cast are here!

18:51 – Okay, nearly 19:00, gonna call it a day and grab something to eat. For tomorrow is the Mystery Movie Premiere and a trawl through the back issue boxes…

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