Spanish Flu, the Rise of the Geeks, and Real and Unreal Rob Bells

The great thing about Twitter is that it always gives you plenty of links to look at. Here are three posts that caught my eye…

As well as being International Women’s Day, March 8th is the anniversary of the first victim of Spanish Flu. Terrifying in its scale (it killed more people than World War I, for goodness sake), there are apparently still samples of it in a lab somewhere. No-one drop any test-tubes.

But hey, at least if a lab geek somewhere does get a bit clumsy, at least he can take comfort in the idea that, somewhere along the line, geeks became cool. This article tries to identify when this happened.

And finally… Last weekend saw something of a Twitstorm, as a bunch of Christians who don’t have to worry about living with protests, wars and earthquakes got into heated 140 character debates over whether or not pastor Rob Bell believes in Hell or not. The unintended consequence of this was that @RobBell (who isn’t a pastor) took a lot of the flack instead of @RealRobBell (who is a pastor). Matthew Paul Turner over at Jesus Needs New PR has linked to one blogger’s interview with the Unreal Rob Bell, which is frankly my favourite response to the whole kerfuffle. Unreal Rob seems a nice guy too…

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