A new wrinkle on #savelibraries

I could have posted about this week’s clown memorial service held in London, but I didn’t want to freak anyone out. Instead I’ll post this link to a story about how, at the height of the protests in Egypt, a human chain protected the Library of Alexandria from looters. You’ve got to admit, it was an act with a fair degree of historical resonance.

(It also reminded me of how, during the same protests, Egyptian Christians formed a chain to protect Muslim protesters during prayers, an act that was reciprocated. It’s a powerful reminder of what faith should be in troubled times.)

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3 thoughts on “A new wrinkle on #savelibraries

  1. brighty18

    Clowns! ***shudders***
    That’s pretty fantastic about both those human chains. (Hypatia would have been so lucky to have that in 415AD.) Sometimes protests really do bring out the best in humanity.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      I remember watching the Egyptian protests and just having a bad feeling that they were all going to go to hell in a handcart. Then I saw these chains and felt better about humanity…

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent tribute, with links to a lot of my favourite moments from Justice League Unlimited. It was watching reruns of that each day during a tedious hospital stay that got me reading comics again after having had to quit the habit so that I could afford college. I was dismayed to hear of McDuffie’s death the other day, too, also recognizing how much excellence in that “written for kids and adults” balance that the animated League achieved.


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