Epic Comments Fail

I am a complete comment egotist, so it’s with great horror that I’ve noticed that my fancy new iPod, from which I’ve been publishng most of my blog posts, has disabled comments for this page. This annoys me, especially as it wasn’t planned, mainly because I think most people who have a blog want a readership – we’ve got the confidence, arrogance or delusion that people want to read what we write about, say, Christmas or faith or aliens or the Zambian space programme. That may be misguided, but the minute you start to believe that, you develop crippling self-doubt and the blog dies on it’s bum.

On a related note, I also apologise to anyone who’s blogs I commented on, or replied to, because I think the iPod ate those as well. It’s annoying, almost as annoying as the realisation that the technology I can afford isn’t going to allow me to switch 100% to digital comics and therefore save me a whole bunch of storage space.

I’m also annoyed because it’s been snowing here.



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