Bookstart programme to lose funding

We all know the Coalition (doesn’t that look sinister when you capitalise it?) are cutting everything that moves (we’re all in it together, you know), but this latest one seems to be the sort of thing that sneaks under the radar. Funding for the Bookstart initiative and its sister programmes is to be scrapped. Run by Booktrust, this initiative provides a pack of books to infants and children at key points in their education, and some of the comments in the article point to the outrage this latest news has caused (they’re asking for stories from people who have benefitted from the schemes).

Neil Gaiman has tweeted to encourage people to write to their MP on the matter, and he’s right. I know savings have to be made, and maybe it’s just bad timing on the announcements, but it does seem that there’s an assault on access to education that really sticks in the throat. Scrapping Bookstart funding is just the latest example.

But hey, maybe it’s not so bad. We’ve still got libraries, right?

Oh damn.

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