The Final Frontier

It might just be me being a big nerd, but this week’s announcement that Voyager 1 is about to leave the solar system is kinda cool – the idea that something of Earth is now heading out of our cosmic neighbourhood and into the space between stars is ever so slightly mind-blowing. Okay, so it’s going to take another four years before it’s truly out there, but after 33 years of exploration it’s still something of a landmark.

It’s also carrying one of the Golden Records, something of a time capsule containing music, sounds and messages from Earth, just in case it happens to be stumbled upon by intelligent life out there. I’m not convinced it’ll ever be played, but I like the idea of aliens rocking out to ‘Johnny B Goode’ (which, between Voyager and Back To The Future, seems to be the go-to track when you want to introduce people to rock and roll…)

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