I predict a riot

Being out of the country gives you a weird sense of disconnection – I saw the student fee riots in London on CNN and with the American-based coverage it was like watching something from a million miles away (at least until a royal got poked, then we knew it was serious).

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that all this rioting was taking place around the anniversary of another series of riots in the capital, prompted this time by a memorial statue erected to animals killed as the result of vivisection and medical research. The Brown Dog Affair dragged in medical students, trade unions and Suffragettes, culminating in riots on 10th December 1907. It doesn’t really shock me that I hadn’t heard of all this, but I guess I was a little surprised that animal rights was enough of an issue to get people rioting early in the 20th century…

(And talking of unrest in London, the Independent recently published an interesting article on the Siege of Sidney Street), a gunfight between police and Latvian anarchists in 1911 that had long term impacts on law enforcement in the UK…)

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