Once you’ve watched it, you can’t unwatch it…

I have encountered the worst thing in the world. I knew it existed, of course, Lovecraftian whispers throughout nerd culture, but I’d never seen it. Unaware of the true horror I rationalised it – it couldn’t possibly be as bad as the stories implied. Nothing could.

I’m referring to The Star Wars Holiday Special. Some evil genius figured that the best way to capitalise on the success of the original film (I refuse to call it A New Hope) would be to make a Christmas special. I’m not going into details – even providing a link is against a clause in the Geneva Convention – suffice to say that the whole thing is an epic fail of near biblical proportions, to the extent that you can see a piece of Harrison Ford’s soul die right there on screen.

I have no more to say on the subject. Consider this fair warning. I’m not responsible for the Wookies.




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One thought on “Once you’ve watched it, you can’t unwatch it…

  1. novak

    Damn straight. I remember being a bit put off by it when I saw it on-air as an 8 year-old kid that Christmas season, but watching it on tape with a pop culture-obsessed student who brought it to me when I was teaching high school was one of the most painful – scratch that. The most painful – viewing experience of my entire life. Even as a kid, I remember the cartoon in the middle being the best part (soon followed by the very exciting pre-Empire release of the Boba Fett action figure), although I admit a certain fascination in watching Harrison Ford weathering through his awful dialogue, or a clearly-stoned Carrie Fisher going through her sequence and – ouch – song. It does really put the lie to Lucas really having a clear vision of the epic he was crafting before he was entirely done with it, though.


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