A Journey Begins With A Single Step….

I feel like Christopher Columbus must have felt as he prepared to make his epic journey in search of an alternate route to Asia. For I and a few hardy friends are beginning to think about possibly considering to possibly go to San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

It’s in the very early stages at the moment ("Hey, why don’t we go to Comic-Con in 2012?" "Cool!"), but there’s nothing like planning ahead. Besides, if the conspiracy theorists misquoting the Mayans are correct it may be the last chance we get, although we won’t go down that route. Apocalyptic paranoia aside, going to Comic-Con would be something to cross off my Bucket List, and given that a bunch of major blockbusters are being released that year we figured it would be good timing. It will also give me time to save up so I can go without having to sell a kidney or something.

I’m going to set up a LiveJournal tab for this because I figure it could be a bit of an adventure (for instance, it’s probably easier to fly into LA and then either road trip or train it to San Diego), and if it doesn’t come off, well, c’est la vie as French people say when they don’t make it to Comic-Con…


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