Dunkirk with Elephants

I have borderline man flu today, and obviously that’s the equivalent of contracting that virus that killed 99% of the population in The Stand. Therefore, I won’t witter on too much; however, I stumbled across an article today that tells a fantastic story, one that I hadn’t heard of before but that deserves to be more widely known. The article is at this link, but basically, ahead of the Japanese invasion of Burma during World War II, Gyles Mackrell arranged the evacuation of soldiers and civilians. Trapped by the Dapha river, the only way across was to use elephants.

Yes. Effectively it’s the story of Dunkirk with elephants. Which is cool enough as it is, but to add to the awesome, Cambridge University have put footage from the evacuation up on Youtube. It’s a fascinating glimpse into an undeservedly untold story from the war (not the first one I’ve encountered in recent weeks), and as we approach Remembrance Sunday, it seems appropriate that the tale has resurfaced and we get to hear about a shining moment of humanity in the middle of a terrible situation.


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