Yer MOM’S a timewaster!

So a survey has found that people in the UK waster 91 hours a year each by using the snooze buttons on their alarm clocks. We also waste an hour a day chatting to friends and colleagues, and 10% of people spend a hour daydreaming.

Well, frankly I’m disgusted with you all. 15 minutes extra in bed every morning?! Hanging’s too good for you. This clearly means you’re not a productive enough work unit and you should be replaced by a robot, or possibly a ninja with an interest in administration. And chatting to friends and colleagues? It should be banned. Preferably with enforcement being carried out by machine gun nests, or possibly Terrible Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.

And that daydreaming? Hah. Someone like Einstein or Tesla may have uncovered the secrets of the universe with that time, but the secrets of the universe aren’t going to make anyone money. If the secrets of the universe were really important, they wouldnt be secret any more.

I am, of course, being facetious. We live in an over-clocked society, where everything seems geared to running from one issue or event or appointment or whatever. Even TV is becoming more interactive. What’s wrong with just relaxing? What’s wrong with building a community of friends, family and co-workers? What the hell’s wrong with a bit of daydreaming?! Time may be money, but money isn’t time, and no-one would be begging the Grim Reaper for a bit more money.

So hit that snooze button, people! Hit it twice!


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