Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

I suppose I should write about the public sector cuts throughout the UK and their social consequences, but to be honest, I can’t face it. Instead, I’ll link to Wired magazine’s article on a Lego machine that can build other machines out of Lego. Now, I grew up with Lego. I love Lego. Lego is an inspiration. But this article also makes me think that one of these machines getting out of hand could lead to an inevitable Lego apocalypse. See, when nanotechnology started to make an impact, people were worrying about the Grey Goo problem, and although there’s probably no need to worry about this or any other variation on ecophagy, we don’t want to get into a Skynet-style problem with Lego. That would be very very bad.

Or maybe we could just set a Lego machine on the Government.


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