Writer’s Block: Blog Action Day!

I don’t know if blogs can change the world – maybe a select few with enough readers to generate a tipping point – but I guess everyone who comes to Livejournal or Blogger or wherever does so with the idea that at least something they write is worth someone else reading, even if it’s a link to a more impressive site or quirky information on Wikipedia. The BBC’s motto is (or at least was) "To inform and entertainment", which seems a reasonable enough mission statement for anyone who sits at a keyboard and tries to come up with something interesting, or at least fun. Okay, so some of us might only really be informing their audience about Transformers or Doctor Who, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

And I’m going to write something for Blog Action Day. I’m a bit late here in the UK, but it’s still Friday in Pago Pago!


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