Still in that parallel universe…

Yesterday’s post about movie what-could-have-beens has inspired me to…

Well, it inspired me to realise that I missed the greatest cinematic near-miss, that of Christopher Walken almost being Han Solo (imagine how weird that would be!), but it’s also  inspired me to track down some of my favourite fan films. In that alternative dimension they got made into major blockbusters, and frankly I want to go there and raid a DVD store.

The king of fan films is perhaps Batman: Dead End, which starts off as one thing, briefly becomes another, then becomes something else again, and then becomes that same something else turned up to 11. It also features the scariest Joker commited to celluloid.

Another film I’d love to see is this one – The Terminator meets… Well, you’ll see. First time I saw this, I was punching the air demanding that someone makes this thing for real. I’d be there on opening night. Heck, I’d be camping on the cinema car park.

Then there’s the Justice League. DC Comics are my football team equivalent, so I’d really love to see this trailer become a reality. And then it could be followed up by Superman vs Doomsday.

And I’d definitely watch a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover…


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