Writer’s Block: Little monsters

I’d do the lot. All the fairytale monsters, all the modern bogeymen like Men in Black and evil clowns, all the internal monsters like fear and loneliness and hatred and depression. I’d throw every last one of them at a small band of could-be heroes and see what happens. Why?

Because, to paraphrase GK Chesterton, the point of these stories isn’t to teach people that monsters exist – everybody already knows that. The point is to show people that the monsters can be beaten. The monsters are really only there to show us how cool the heroes are; to quote another awesome commentator on the human condition, "You’re not the devil, you’re practice"


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Little monsters

  1. novak

    Hm. Interesting question, actually. I think in the West, the populace is more than familiar enough with the monsters that the political Right can unleash, but that there’s been quite a bit of denial or obliviousness to the dark side of the political Left, which I think (in the U.S., at least) has gotten a bit drunk on its successes from the Civil Rights movement, and come to assume that it must always be on the winning side of history. If it were possible to make a film that wasn’t just seen as screed of the political Right, and thus was seen by the majority of the populace, I’d want to do something that at least obliquely, if powerfully, raised the dangers posed by what’s currently the dominant political orientation or assumptions in the cultural elites. Lewis did something like that in That Hideous Strength, in pointing toward the spiritual vulnerabilities of the utterly Modernized mind, and the unity he had intuited might come in the form of the “materialist magician.”


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