Stained Glass vs Floppy Disc

There’s a nice article here about the stained glass windows of Sainte Marie Cathedral in Auch, France. While it obviously talks about the beauty and the craftsmanship of the windows (you can see better pictures of them here), the writer makes an interesting connection between the longevity of stained glass as a repository for information (the windows depict various biblical scenes, for instance) and modern data storage media – how easy is it to pull information from a floppy disc nowadays? How long before all that data we have lying around on memory sticks becomes inaccessible? And at some point do we end up in a Digital Dark Age because no-one kept on top of their back-ups?


One thought on “Stained Glass vs Floppy Disc

  1. novak

    I’ve wondered about the business in the future (or the archaeological speciality) that will involved being able to get access to the correct obsolete hardware and software in order to access inaccessibly-formatted data. “Oh, you need a Mac LC III running System 7….”


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