International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, but today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Does pretty much what it says on the tin, really, so…. YARRRR!!!

Of course, I’m not a pirate. I’ve watched music videos on Youtube, which is guess is copyright infringement, but that doesn’t exactly make me a member of the Pirate Party. I did play a pirate in a sketch at church once – the parrot I had sellotaped to my shoulder kept falling off, so it was heading into Monty Python territory, but at least it was memorable.

I think it was Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow that lead to the modern resurgence in pirate popularity. Jack was a modern day Han Solo figure, and pirate-as-rock-star. It’s a great performance, easily the best thing about the Pirates of the Caribbean films (they really should have gone with Indiana Jones-style standalone adventures, not tried to force it into a trilogy). It’s also romanticising the whole pirate thing, which kinda sugarcoats the historial reality (pirates weren’t nice people). But still, I think people realise that, and besides Talk Like a Pirate day is fun.

Avast behind!


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