Rare colour footage of the Blitz

It’s been 70 years since the Battle of Britain, so it’s appropriate that this rare colour footage of the Blitz has been uncovered. I guess I’m so used to seeing black and white pictures and footage that the colour brings the whole thing closer to home, which I suppose is a shallow way of looking at it…

But it’s always worth remembering what people went through at the time; the Blitz is one example, another is the fact that I have a relative who was taken prisoner at Dunkirk. In some ways we’ve mythologised WWII too much – it’s a series of films, The Great Escape and Dambusters and Schindler’s List and Hitler ranting and Churchill being defiant. It almost becomes easy to forget that it affected the lives of ordinary people like us, many of whom are still alive. It’s like another world, and it becomes almost too easy to say "Never again" because we don’t feel we have to work at making that a reality. The potential for disaster is always with us though, and that becomes greater when we forget that we also have the potential for peace.


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