Writer’s Block: Knowledge is power

Everything! I’m an information junkie. I don’t like it when I find out I don’t know about stuff. For instance, I found out today there used to be an empire in southern Russia, the Kazhar empire. I’d never heard of it. That bothered me. See, I’m interested in stuff like history or theology, or entertainment or Transformers, and while I’m aware there’s lots I don’t know, that’s just part of the thrill of discovery. In general it’s the stuff about which I know next to nothing that gets me twitchy.

For instance, I’d like to know more about art. Some people can look at a piece of art and draw all sorts of conclusions from the colours, imagery, the brushstrokes, the composition. I look at a piece of art and say "Ooo, that’s nice." And then someone will tell me I’m looking at the sign for the emergency exit.

I don’t know a lot about classical music either, although that’s down to my limited attention span. Symphonies go on too long, and yes, I’m aware that makes me sound like a total dumbass. I listened to the Doctor Who Proms, but I don’t think that counts.

I could probably do with knowing more about science, although I’m more interested in how it’s applied than the process itself. Basically, I’d like to be sure that, if I were ever in a life or death situation, and had only everyday household items around me, I could blow up some bad guys, like MacGyver. I’d also like to own a Swiss Army Knife, or maybe a working Sonic Screwdriver.

I wish my mental arithmatic was better.

I’m rubbish at languages. I know more Klingon than I do, say, Spanish. That’s really crass.

I know very little about how my car works.

Or my computer, for that matter.

And while I think I’ve got reasonable biblical knowledge, t kinda bugs me that I can never remember chapter and verse references. That probably makes me a lame Sunday School teacher.

So yeah, I’m the kind of person who reads random Wikipedia articles for fun, and I once got annoyed that I couldn’t write in binary, so I devised a spreadsheet to help me do that. But knowledge is power! And maybe a little obsessively crazy. But power too!


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