Writer’s Block: Living the dream

I think I might struggle. My dream jobs are:

  • Astronaut. But, to quote The West Wing, I’m afraid of heights, speed, fire and small places.
  • Trainee Mythbuster. But my science sucks (in the sense that I learned it all from Doctor Who).
  • X-Wing Pilot. Born too late.
  • Contingency Planning Consultant. But my expertise only stretches as far as zombies and robots.
  • Batman. Can’t handle the late nights any more.

Back to the drawing board!


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Living the dream

  1. vandyke_brown

    Hey, random comment from a stranger, but I declare the above list to be a complete WIN. I love your list.
    But X wing fighter; Star Wars is in a fictional galaxy, but I assume it’s in the future fictional galaxy, since humans have colonized. How are you born too late for that?

      1. matthewhyde Post author

        Doesn’t she have a science background? I didn’t know that…
        Thanks for your comments – Sudge below answered the Star Wars question before I got to it though!

  2. sudge

    Ahh, but star wars is set “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Sigh, a man can dream.
    I’d like to be an investigative journalist in the early part of the 20th century! I could wear a long coat, have a cool hat and be generally awesome.
    Or, y’know, Batman or Superman, whichever is easiest…

  3. Anonymous

    EYZ> Now that’s one helluva list!
    Awesome dream jobs!
    The X-Wing pilot had me rolling on the floor XD


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