Obscure References Anonymous

I’m disappointed today.

I should expect it really. It’s just that I’m so used to throwing out obscure references and having people just get them. Maybe my friends collectively have a huge span of general knowledge. Maybe I’m spoiled by the Pavlov’s Dogs vs Shrodinger’s Cat conversations. Maybe I’m not as obscure as I thought. Whatever, all this just means I get disappointed when an obscure joke doesn’t get recognised.

The story begins when people start writing on the bottom of a whiteboard at work. This time round they start treating it as an advertising board for a hypothetical sandwich shop that gets progressively geekier:

SAUSAGE AND EGG SANDWICH               £ 1.75
ALL DAY BREAKFAST                                    £ 3.50

To which I added:

KLINGON BLOOD PIE                                    5 BARS OF GOLD PRESSED LATINUM

SOYLENT GREEN                                           15 PEOPLE

People got the first (Gold Pressed Latinum is the currency in Star Trek), not the second. And I’m gutted.

Ever made what you thought was a hilarious reference that fell flat on its face?


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