Writer’s Block: Don’t judge a book by its title

Before I answer this, I should explain that I believe that any work of art is made 100% better by the addition of Batman. Therefore:

  • Pride, Prejudice and Batman
  • Oliver Twist: Batman’s war on 19th century juvenile street crime
  • Batman vs Frankenstein, or You saw what he did to the other Modern Prometheus 1
  • Zen and the Art of Batmobile Maintenance
  • The Origin of Species (with annotations by Batman)
  • Extreme Vigilantism for Dummies
  • Stephen King’s IT: This is how you deal with evil clowns
  • The Cat in the Hat with a Bat
  • Spot the Dog 2

It’s entirely possible I’m going insane.

1 This joke is both geeeky AND literary.

2 "See Spot. See Spot run. But only the guilty run. Pursue Spot. Run Spot. Run."


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Don’t judge a book by its title

  1. lizzyleprechaun

    This is the funniest response I have seen.
    I also think it’s great that most of them (on the first page at 8 pm today…I didn’t read past the first page) were either making fun of a book that wasted someone’s life or a Harry Potter book.


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