The Batman Pug and Winston Churchill vs the Martians

If you haven’t seen this video, which features a dog and the theme tune from the sixties Batman series, you need to go there right now. Not "In a minute", not "After I’ve eaten this delicious BLT panini, but now. It is, without doubt, the pinnicle of Western Civilisation, and possibly even an example of evolution in action.

Meanwhile, any budding sci-fi writers should get themselves over to the National Archives website. Papers have been released that reveal Churchill’s role in covering up a UFO sighting during World War II, which isn’t a million miles away from a recent Doctor Who episode that saw Spitfires taking on a Dalek saucer. But hey, anyone who wants to write something along those lines now has some raw material…

(Just an historical tidbit, but UFOs in WW2 were called foo fighters – which is where the band got their name. You never know when you might need that information in a pub quiz…)


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