Writer’s Block: Long ago and far away

Anyone else now singing ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’?

Anyway, I’d like to see what the future is like – not the near future, which looks set to be like the present  only with smaller computers. No, the future that has flying cars and teleportation and moon colonies. Yes, I’m aware that this may never happen, but it would be cool, even if it is a bit Back to the Future 2.

Living in the future has its potential downsides though. I mean, it could be a post-apocalyptic wasteland, inhabited by zombies or feral Australians or monkeys with a hatred for the Statue of Liberty, and then you spend all your time looking for survivors, food, water and melee weapons (something reusable and with some range on it). In this scenario you’re probably going to end up canibalised, so don’t want to end up there.

Nah, best place to live in the future would be Star Trek‘s Federation, where you don’t have to worry about buying stuff and where they have cool spaceships and attractive green chicks. As long as you avoid bad guys you should be fine.

Failing that, Metropolis in the DC Comics universe, only the Metropolis where the odds were in favour of Superman actually saving you from the villains as opposed to the current DCU, where you’re more likely to get your heart ripped out by a zombie. Don’t want to live there

Failing that, and assuming it’s got to be some place that actually exists… Make it Toronto, for reasons I’ve gone into in the past. I just really like Toronto!


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Long ago and far away

  1. meatina

    Hi, I spotted your answer in the list of answers- yes, I started singing that too – so hope you don’t mind someone random pointing that out to you?


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