I wish I was at Comic-Con…

Right now, in San Diego, the geek nation is assembled for its annual pilgrimage. Yes, Comic-Con has come round once more, and yet again I’m not there. Westboro Baptist, which does more harm to Christianity than anything since, say, the Spanish Inquisition is there (and they were facing people dressed as Bender from Futurama), and the Mythbusters are there (I want one of their posters. And one of their bags.), but alas, I’m not.

Okay, you can argue that it’s not about the comics anymore, to the extent that it’s not even altogether about the geek any more (I heard that Glee was there. Well, fans may call themselves ‘Gleeks’, but I’m not sure how comfortably it sits alongside the work of, say, Grant Morrison), but it must be something of an experience. This is where the news that will drive geekdom for the next twelve months is announced; Joss Whedon directing the forthcoming Avengers movie, for instance, or the development of a Green Lantern video game.

See, I’m making a terrible mistake in following the event on Twitter. Apparently the Barenaked Ladies are, as we speak, leading a singalong of the Big Bang Theory theme. I love that song, I love that show. Sure, it’ll be on Youtube within a couple of hours, but it’s not the same.

It’s also the only place you can dress up as an obscure superhero and automatically be accepted. Sure, I have no problems with Comic-Con pictures of Angelina Jolie, but what really makes it special is when you see people walking around dressed as the Justice Society.

So once again I’ll observe events from afar and continue to add Comic Con to my list of things to do one day. Sigh.

Although if someone could get me one of the Mythbusters posters and/or bags…


4 thoughts on “I wish I was at Comic-Con…

  1. Anonymous

    Eyz: I wish I could go there as well…
    Sadly, I was stuck here (in Switzerland!) for monetary and “lack of work” reasons… 😦


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