OCD Post – 16 July 2010

Is it wrong to blog purely because you don’t want to spoil an unbroken run of posts, and you can’t really summon up the enthusiasm to rant about how there were no pork sandwiches and no prawns in Dudley today? Not that I actually wanted to buy any but my friends did, and I suspect it’s something to do with the EDL march that’s taking place tomorrow, and frankly it’s just another reason to hate extremists.

In all fairness, I was going to post something halfway sensible today, following yesterday’s witterings about British folklore and Sudge‘s subsequent suggestion of doing something about Arthurian myths. But that subject’s just too big to tackle without much resarch, so that’ll have to wait ’till the weekend.

In the meantime, here’s the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre doing Star Wars. Obviously.


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